Westwood Youth Football

Cardinals Football is an organization built to promote the wholesome development of our members through their participation in youth sports. The purpose of our program is to teach and develop the fundamentals of football and cheer leading at increasing levels of competition; to allow every child a chance to play or perform; to promote good sportsmanship and athletic achievement; and to provide a memorable, meaningful and rewarding experience for all participants.

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We are now Cardinals Football! Westwood and Washington Township have merged to create one team. We are excited for all


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Westwood Youth Football is a proud member of the BCJFL. [photogallery filter="true" show="6"]


Westwood Youth Cheerleading

Westwood Cheerleading is committed to providing a safe, fun and enjoyable experience for your child. Our goal is to teach


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We are excited to announce that we are now the Cardinals Football team! Westwood and Washington Township have merged and